DT Equipment announces the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Rio Tinto ISAL

REYKJAVIK, ICELANDMarch 1, 2021DT Equipment ehf. ("DTE") (www.dtequipment.com), the market leader in real-time intelligence from liquid metals, is pleased to announce the signature of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Rio Tinto ISAL.

The purpose of the MOU is to confirm Rio Tinto ISAL and DTE's intent to engage in a long-term, win-win, value creation, strategic collaboration agreement around the field testing and deployment of DTE's real-time intelligence from liquid metals solution in Rio Tinto ISAL primary smelter's operations.

"…We have been monitoring closely from the beginning the progress that DTE has made with their elemental analysis solution..." says Einar Aron Einarsson, the Electrolysis Manager at Rio Tinto ISAL. "...We are very pleased to test DTE's solution in our potlines, and it will be exciting to realize its full benefit. We see much potential in getting real-time chemical composition analysis from our process, not only in terms of time-saving and higher productivity but also in terms of safety for our employees…" finishes Mr. Einarsson.

The collaboration agreement aims to:

· Pursue the purpose of both companies

· Create value for all the related stakeholders

· Contribute to the profitable and sustainable growth of both organizations

· Drive people's upskilling, personal and professional development, and transformation

· Accelerate the digital transformation towards Industry 4.0 and beyond

· Contribute to Iceland's economic growth and position it as a powerhouse in innovation, start-up development, industrial efficiency, sustainability, safety, and digitization.

"…We are very pleased to sign this MoU…" says Diego Areces, DTE's Chief Commercial Officer. "…We cannot thank enough the support that Rio Tinto ISAL has given us for us to validate our solution on the field…" continues Mr. Areces. "…We look forward to the next step, which is about creating tangible business value for Rio Tinto ISAL maximizing sustainability, safety, and efficiency through the deployment of DTE's solution along the value chain…". "…We are convinced that collaborations like this one not only generate value for both companies but also have a very positive impact on Iceland's economy and the development and well-being of its people…" finishes Mr. Areces.

Rio Tinto ISAL and DTE will continue evaluating and deploying the solution on the ground, measuring and communicating its benefits, and ensuring that they fulfill the MoU's.


About DT Equipment ehf.

Based in Reykjavik, Iceland, DTE is a leading innovator in the field of real-time intelligence from liquid metals, helping customers maximize value, efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

DTE's vision is to transform the metals industry, driving its digital transformation towards Industry 4.0 with the next-generation of connected sensors and analytics while contributing to the 1.5-degree challenge.

DTE's real-time intelligence from liquid metals solution combines first-in-industry LP-LIBS™ (Liquid-Phase Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) chemical composition analysis with a machine learning-based cloud platform, the foundation of DTE's metals production ecosystem, to deliver valuable intelligence and predictive insights from liquid metals across the entire value chain.

For more information, please visit www.dtequipment.com.

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